Adoption Support

At the Agency we appreciate that Adoption is a lifelong commitment and that our adoptive families may need support at different times in their lives.


Research and our experience tells us that adoption is most successful when the right type of support is given to families and must be tailor made to meet their individual needs.  We are therefore committed to ensuring that our families receive support when they need it whether we can give this ourselves or will be more appropriately provided by another Agency.


When our families request support we give them a speedy response during which we explore with them how best to provide the service they need.


We welcome requests for help at any time because we know that providing this will help our families to continue giving their children the love and commitment they need throughout their lives.


Whilst we will always try to ensure our families have tailor made support we also know that many also welcome meeting with others to continue learning and to share their experiences.


The Agency therefore provides Adoption Support Groups at least every two months.  Please see our Events on the Website for dates, venue and topics.


Now that we have moved to our new premises we will be looking at how we can expand our support services.  Should you have any suggestions about how we might do, this please contact us at any time by telephone or e-mail.  If you contact us by e-mail please leave a telephone number so that we can talk to you in person.


We do not have an Out of Hours Team, however calls to the office are monitored and responded to if it is an emergency.  Others will be responded to on the next working day.  It is particularly important to leave a telephone number if you need to be contacted in an emergency.


National Organisations who can give advice about adoption support are:


British Association for Adoption and Fostering – BAAF

After Adoption            

Adoption UK               

After Adoption Yorkshire

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