Film Première Highlights Need For More People To Adopt

Yorkshire Adoption Agency seeks adopters for ‘harder to place’ children

Staff at the Yorkshire Adoption Agency have created a series of four short films designed to appeal and encourage people to consider adoption.


Focusing on recruiting, training and approving adoptive parents for vulnerable children who are looked after by local authorities throughout the UK, the Yorkshire Adoption Agency helps to place, on average, 30 children each year.


Explains Collette Ibbotson, chief executive of the Yorkshire Adoption Agency: “There are currently more than 2,000 youngsters looking for a home in the UK who are classed as ‘harder to place’. This term refers to children with a disability, those from an ethnic minority background, older children (aged 5 and over) or a group of siblings, all of whom wait the longest to find loving families.


“When most people consider adoption, more often than not they envisage adopting a baby. However, when we start talking and working with couples and individuals who contact us, it usually turns out that a baby isn’t ‘the answer’ they were looking for.”


Continues Collette: “One thing everyone has in common who comes to see us is that they’re missing something or, perhaps more pertinently, someone in their lives. Adopting a child is a highly complex and regulated process and the further most people head into that process, they realise it is actually a child (or children), not a baby that they are searching for.


“Once people reach that conclusion it opens up a world of possibilities and enables them to start to reflect on whether they could raise a child who might be disabled, one from different ethnic background to themselves or even a teenager.”


States Andy Price, managing director of &create, the design agency behind the four films: “When we first met with Collette and her team to discuss the brief, it was evident that there are some amazing young people out there who are looking for their forever family.


“Many of these children were being overlooked as they were described as ‘harder to place’ but they had as much to give, if not more, than their peers. The fact that they all clearly appear as the absent element of person’s life led us to create the films and show potential adoptive parents just what they were missing out on.”


The four films will première at a special preview event at the Holiday Inn in Warmsworth, Doncaster on Thursday 15th March. If you would like to attend the première please contact Collette on 01302 638337 or email:

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