Inter Country Adoption

Inter Country Adoption is permitted for a child who cannot be cared for satisfactorily in the country of his/her birth.  Not all countries overseas however allow Inter Country Adoption.  International law applies in Inter Country Adoption to protect children who may be available for adoption overseas.  This means that if you are considering adopting a child through Inter Country Adoption you must follow the recognized legal procedures for adoption both in the UK and the country from which you hoped to adopt a child.  It is illegal not to follow these procedures and could result in your imprisonment and or being fined if you do not.  It is important for you to be aware that these procedures apply whether the child overseas is known or not to you.


In the UK we have a broad eligibility criteria for potential adopters.  This is not the same in all overseas countries, for example, you may not be considered as suitable to adopt because of your age, income, family circumstances or sexuality.  NB: The UK cannot influence overseas countries in setting their eligibility criteria.


We know that there are many reasons why a potential adopter considers Inter Country Adoption for example he/she may feel that he/she will be unable to adopt a young child in the UK or she/he shares the same racial and cultural heritage as the child he/she hopes to adopt.


Adopting a child from overseas is not straight forward and can be an expensive and lengthy process.  Overseas countries also sometimes at short notice refuse to allow children to be adopted out of the country of his/her birth.


For these reasons please contact the Agency as soon as you are thinking about adopting a child from overseas so that we can advise and give you accurate information about overseas adoption.


We have over twenty five years experience of Inter Country Adoption and were the first Voluntary Adoption Agency in England to be approved to undertake this work.  We therefore are confident that we will be able to help you make an informed decision about adopting a child from overseas.  Full information about the process is in our Inter Country Adoption Leaflet, HERE > or please request a Leaflet from the Agency and we will post it to you without delay. Please note we are currently updating our Inter Country Adoption Leaflet, a new version will be available soon.

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